Will the Democrats try to scare old people next election by saying that the Republicans are taking away their Medicare?


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It could well happen.  After all the Dems lied about MediCare to win a special election in New York back in May.  Paul Ryan lashed out at Dems who distorted his 2012 budget proposal to their political advantage in the special election in NYC's 26th congressional district.  The Dems demagogued and distorted the MediCare plan in a concerted effort to unsettle senior citizens.  It's like the fox asking the chickens for permission to guard the coop after eating half of the chickens.
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They can try but the people have seen the light now and know the absolute truth
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Don't think so, I met some senior that still adore him, genuflecting every time his holy name is mentioned. They just arrived back from another planet,
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Very well put indeed Mr J.
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They will do whatever it takes to get votes, I am sure after Obama's term they are desperate.

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