Isn't there little evidence that Republican and Democrat leaders learned their lessons in the debt debate: Lots of phony posturing, theatrical walk-outs, discussion breakdowns, selfish preening, non-factual assertions & at the last minute, agreement?


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Agreed, as not only did the GOP and the Dems damage their own parties, the same old excuses are churned out.With the GOP blaming Obama and the Dems blaming John Boehner.This suggests that each is deepening their tribal partisan identities, instead f rejecting them.Polls and counter-polls show the GOP and Dem both showing mutual disapproval in how the debate was conducted.Both parties shored up their bases, at the expense of disapproving Americans.It's a pretty neat summary of US politics at this time - appeal to your base, alienate your opponents and hope the centre is so turned of by it all, it doesn't even bother to vote.Plus ca change.
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All the exciting drama of Politics. I think they play like a group of first graders who over dramatize everything but I guess its to show the American people just how hard they work for us to do good for us in the long run. DC has got to be the biggest joke in American History and its getting funnier by the second
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C'mon Joseph, you just gave us the best definition of a politician that I've ever seen.

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