If Your Country Is Facing Crises, Is It Good To Move To Another Country Instead Of Face The Difficulties?


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tinga nih answered
Well.. My country belong to the third world.. My country is very poor and im not ashamed to tell the world about it.. Most filipinos like me.. Spread around the globe to work.. We can't really do any better if we stay.. We work far and send money to our family back home.. This is our way of helping the economy go up.. We overseas workers are considered living hero's of our country.. For we work far and spend money in our home.. But if we will be able to have it all back home.. I will never ever leave my country...
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Yasir Baqar answered
Actually, a Country can never be in Crises, Individuals of a country are in crisis and they can get rid of from it if work hard and do concentrate on there work and show some dignity.

Success of People is the success of a Country.

Here, in People, each and every person is communicated whether he/she is politicion or a worker.
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Misbah Adrees answered
No way! Then who will look after our country? Our country needs talents people so serve for your country

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