Why Is The Republican Sign An Elephant And The Democrat Sign A Donkey?


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Andrew Jackness stood for the presidential seat in 1828; he was the first democrat too. His opponent tried to call him a 'jackass' because of his slogan which got huge popularity 'let the people rule'. He got amuse by this sign and it worked positively for him in his campaigning.

In 1874 a cartoon appeared in the Harper's magazine, showing that donkey is wearing a lion's costume and he is scaring away the animals; but elephant didn't. That's why it became the republican sign.

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Both the signs were actually introduced when they first appeared in the Harper's weekly magazine in 1874. Cartoonist Thomas Nast created a cartoon in which he showed both. After that other cartoonists also started using the same symbols. You can find the detailed description of the cartoon here:


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So an elephant can squash the donkey!

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