How Many People Have Now Died Of Bird Flu?


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Bird flu has killed 157 people worldwide since 2003, according to the latest WHO figures. This figure was correct as of February 7 2007. Bird flu is caused by a flu virus that is deadly in birds and poultry. It has spread rapidly through the world and affects wild birds and also birds on farms. The latest outbreak in the UK was at the Bernard Mathews Turkey farms in Suffolk.

This week a man died in Egypt, the third member of an extended family to die of the disease. However, experts think that the virus has not yet managed to pass from person to person, even though it has passed from birds to people and is deadly. The man and his family kept wild ducks and had been in close contact with infected birds.

Scientists are worried that if the virus does mutate so that it can pass from person to person, it could lead to a pandemic that would kill millions of people worldwide. There is currently no vaccine for the strain of flu virus involved and no treatment.
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How many people died in china with the bird flu?

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