How Many People Were Killed In Treblinka?


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I researched that 850,000 people died there
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Treblinka was a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, located in German-occupied Poland. The camp was located approximately 100km from Warsaw.

The precise figure on the number of people killed in the camp varies greatly, from 700,000 to as high as 1,400,000. The reason for such striking differences in these fatality figures is that they were compiled by vastly different organizations and people, using different sources. For example, the first major study into the killings at Treblinka was conducted in 1965, by Munich's Institute for Contemporary History. This organization noted that the total number of Jews murdered by the Nazi officers at the camp was 700,000. This figure, however, was disputed by an expert in the field, Dr. Wolfgang Scheffler, who argued that the figure was closer to 900,000. According to some eye-witnesses and active participants, however, this figure was higher than 1 million, and possibly as high as 1.4 million.

Despite the differences in statistics, it is known for certain that Treblinka was the second most deadly concentration camp, after Auschwitz-Birkenau.
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I've mostly heard around 900,000

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