How Many Germans Were Killed In WWII?


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You people are all wrong it was exactly , 2.345 million german nazi soldiers killed from August  8th  1941 , until september 7th 1945
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I wonder why pple are given a space to feed the public with junk information. Is it really that hard for a person to say: I don't know.
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Since the Germans were pretty strong and killed many Jews during the Holocaust(the mass killing of Jews), during that period not many Germans died from the war. YET. later, they realised they were fighting a losing war as the us had dropped atomic bombs on japan. So the estimate is... about 1 mil? or 800, 000, including ppl dying of diseases, old age, etc.
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Hi, the total German losses for World War 2 were approximately 7 million military and civilian deaths. this compares with some 20 million Russian dead. The total German military loss for the Eastern front alone was around 3.5 million personnel. During the Winter of 1944 and Spring of 1945 it is estimated some 1.5 million German civilians lsot their lives in the regions of East Prussia alone.
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Germany had surrendered before the a bomb was dropped on japan have you ever heard of VE and VJ day.
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The killing of millions of Germans in WWII, that never happened. It's all RAF and British blurtit propaganda and revisionism.
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All of you are way off!
2 billion nazis were killed on the day of 17th september 1942, of which 1billion were tortured by british soldiers.

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