How Many People Died In The Blitz?


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Roughly 32,000 people were killed 87,000 seriously injured
also around 2 million houses (60%) were destroyed
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The Blitz was the non-stop bombing done on the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany. It occurred between 7th September 1940 and 16th May 1941. The bombing was done through Luftwaffe and it struck a number of cities and towns all across the United Kingdom, thought it main attack was concentrated on London.

The Blitz bombing resulted in the death of forty three thousand people and shattered more than a million homes. The main objective of the German bombing strategy was to knock Britain out of the war, which it could not achieve. The Blitz bombing was the initial example of Strategic Bombing.

The meaning of the German Word "Blitz" is "Lightning". The last major attack of the Blitz Bombing occurred on 10th May 1941, this attack resulted in many important buildings like the British Museum, House of Parliaments and St James Palace either being destroyed or damaged.
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345 million people died in te blitz
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95 million

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