How Many People Died In The Titanic Disaster?


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1,517 people died in the Titanic disaster, which was the deadliest of any maritime disaster in peactime.

The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger steam liner of her time. She was built in Belfast, Ireland, at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard.

The Titanic set to sail for New York on the 10th of April, 1912 with 2,223 people on board.

The ship hit an iceberg four days into its crossing on the 14th of April 1912, and sank the following morning on the 15th of April 1912.

The majority of the casualties were due to the fact that the ship was carrying lifeboats for only 1,178 people and, as the ship’s crew emphasized the "women and children first” protocol, the passengers who died were mainly men. Many died of hypothermia, as the temperature of the water was -2º C (28º F), in which death occurs in about 15 minutes.

The RMS Titanic was built by implementing the newest technologies of its time. It was engineered by the most famed engineers and was boasted of as being the "unsinkable” ship.

The irony of the whole tragedy was the fact that the ship sank on her maiden voyage. The media coverage at the time, due to the high loss of life, created an unprecedented popularity and interest in the Titanic’s case.

As news of the disaster spread, people were more and more shocked, and at the same time interested in the luxury liner’s sinking, given that it tragically sank despite all its technological advances. "Of the total 2,223 passengers on board the RMS Titanic, only 706 people survived" which is less than a third of the passengers.

Men and passengers in the 2nd and 3rd class decks were less likely to survive. 92% of the male passengers in 2nd class died, and less than a quarter passengers in 3rd class survived.

Interest in the RMS Titanic has carried on until today, and many researchers and enthusiasts have spent a huge amount of time in trying to understand the reasons why the ship sank so suddenly.

The RMS Titanic became a legend, and the victims of its the tragic sinking became seen as heroes.
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There was a total of 2,223 people on board the RMS Titanic and, of those people, 1,517 died. This left only 706 survivors.

The passengers were split into different classes: First, second and third.

First and second-class passengers had an advantage, as they could easily travel to the boat deck using the staircases that led there. The third-class passengers, however, were situated much lower down, and therefore found it difficult to find their way to the top of the ship.

The locked gates that led to the second-class sections also made it more difficult for third-class passengers to escape. As a result of this, there were more deaths from the third-class than the first and second class deaths put together.

130 first-class passengers died, along with 166 second-class passengers. 536 third-class passengers died. More third-class women and children died, whilst most of the first and second-class women and children survived.
Women and children were loaded into the lifeboats first, which resulted in the loss of 1,347 men, as opposed to 103 women.

Out of a total of 899 crew, 685 died. 53 children died, which was nearly half of the total number of children on board.
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Poor people that died and the poor children and the mums and dads the dads could not get on first i must of been scarey for everyone
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My name is izabella and i love the TITANIC but wow that is alot of people that died i thought only 1500 died from the water and onlt 6 survived from the water that is alot i feel sorry for the family members of the people that died thankyou izabella
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I'm watching the movie right now. The funny thing is is that it was called the "Unsinkable Ship". Sadly it was not true.Thank you for the answer. Watching the movie almost makes me cry.
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1,517 died - mostly men, because they put children and women on first. But some children and women from the the third-class couldn't get out because they closed the gates, so they just had to die from the cold or by drowning.
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There was 706 survivors, breakdown is as follows:
1st class: 199; 2nd class: 119; 3rd class:174;  crew: 214
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1,500 people died on the Titanic. It was very sad but the rule was that woman and children must get on the life boats. So it was mostly men who died.

Also more 3rd class passengers died because they were trapped in the bottom of the boat by locked gates.
More 1st class passengers survived due to their freedom of being able to be on the main decks.

Don't joke about this incident, how would you feel if all your family members died, but you survived, only to become an orphan? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it at all.

So really, more people's lives were ruined than is suggested by the number of lives taken on the Titanic.
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1496 of 2265 passengers and crew perished. 239 bodies recovered were identified and 91 bodies were not identified. Source:
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There were 2,224 people on the ship. There were 889 crew who died, including Captain Edward John Smith.
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There were 2,223 people on board the R.M.S Titanic at the time of the sinking. Unfortunately, only 706 people survived. The Carpathia rescued the people who were found in the very few lifeboats.
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There was a total of 2223 people on board the Titanic, and of those people, 1517 died, leaving 706 survivors.
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I have read many estimates, but the number that appears most regularly is 1517 deaths.
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There were 2,223 on board. Out of those people, 1,517 died. There were only 706 people who survived.
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1517 people died. It was a lot of people, but when that disaster happened, and when they saw the iceberg, why didn't they just stop the ship?

I think that the sinking of the Titanic was terrible but there's one question that I ask a lot "was it sunk on purpose"? Because if they saw the iceberg at first, why didn't they just stop the ship? I don't think it was on purpose, but still,why didn't they?
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2.223 people boarded the R.M.S Titanic but only 706 survived.

The Titanic was discovered in 1985. The hull was found in two pieces. The Titanic sat at the bottom of the ocean for 70 years untill it decayed and was eaten by fish. The Capritha saved all the people in the life boats.
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130 in first class, 166 in second class, and 536 in third class.
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It's hard to tell, but I think it was1517. By reading the book I got to understand all about the Titanic and I'm sorry for the people and the families who were on the boat at that time.
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1.517 people died. I think.

I hate the fact that most of the people died on the ship. It was awful, and should never have happened.

I feel sorry for the people who lost their families and can't believe that there weren't any ships about to help those on Titanic.

Also, the people who were filling the boats should have been filling them, not just putting a few people in them and letting them go - that's just disgusting. They could have saved a lot more people if they'd filled the boats up.

I can't believe that so many people died on the ship! Every time I watch the film, even though it's not the real thing, it's brilliant how it's acted out and it makes me cry and just think of the people who died on the ship. A very good film.
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1517 people died in the Titanic disaster.
Only 706 people survived out of 2223 people in total aboard.
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2223 people were on board, and 1500 died - which means there were only 708 survivors.

P.S most people say 705, but it is actually 708.
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2,223 people where on the great ship Titanic, out of that 1,517 people died! So sad...
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1,517 people died but it was very sad. Only the rich people went on the rafts, but the poor people died.

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