How Many New Houses Were Built In UK In 2006?


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NHBC (National House Building Council) of Great Britain carried out monthly statistics to check the number houses built in the year 2006. Statistics showed that new houses mostly consisted of maisonettes and flats.

In January 2006, statistics concluded that combining both public and private sectors, 16,374 applications were filed in order to build new houses in UK. Additionally it was also known that an average of 733 new houses were sold each day. The total number of new build completions including both public and private sector was 10,213.

In July 2006, it was found that including private and public sectors, 17,616 applications were filed to build new houses in UK; additionally it was also found that at an average of 656 new houses were sold everyday. The total number of new build completions was 13,407 which included both private and public sector.

In October 2006, it was found that 17,536 applications were filed for new houses in UK which included private and public sectors. Total new build houses were concluded as 11,635.

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