How Many Soldiers Fought In World War Two?


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There were so many countries involved, you will need to do a great deal of math adding up which countries were on each side and coming up with totals.

Here's a graphic of military deaths per country

Here's another batch of data to sift through

Here's some data I found in an actual BOOK here at home:
Peak strength of Armed Forces WWII :
USSR - 12.5 million Allies
USA - 12.364 million Allies
Germany - 10 million Axis
Japan - 6.095 million Axis
France - 5 million - but knocked out of the war in six weeks 1940
China - 5 million Allies
UK - 4.683 million Allies
Italy - 4.5 million Axis - knocked out of the war in mid 1943
India - 2.15 million - Fought with Great Britain
Poland - 1 million - knocked out of the war in 1939
Canada - 780,000 Allies
Australia - 680,000 Allies
Yugoslavia - 500,000 Occupied but some fought as an insurgency against the Germans and some fought with the Germans - Croatians
Romania - 600,000 - Fought on German side
Bulgaria - 450,000 - Fought on German side
Hungary - 350,000 - Fought on German side
+ 20 to 30 other countries with smaller numbers contributed

Add them up

Note also that it is estimated that at least 61 million of these men died in battle, making it the deadliest war ever.
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