How Many Bombs Were Dropped In World War Two (WW2)?


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Although the exact figure for how many bombs were dropped during the whole of World War II is not known, it's thought that approximately 3.4 million tons of explosives were dropped by Allied Forces during the conflict.

How many bombs were dropped during World War 2? Whilst not much information is known about the number of bombs that Axis Forces used during the war, figures for Allied Forces are easier to establish.

According to one internet source, the deployment of Allied bombs increased drastically year upon year until 1944. The figures look something like this:

Percentage of Allied bombs dropped:
  • 1940= 0.8%
  • 1941= 2%
  • 1942= 3%
  • 1943= 12.8%
  • 1944= 57.9%
  • 1945= 23.5%
This means that the monthly average for bombs dropped on Axis troops exceeded 27,770 tons per-month.

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Bomb-making technology was revolutionized during World War II.
Although the development of the Atomic Bomb by American scientists is the stand-out example, German technology was responsible for developing the V-1 flying bomb (the world's first Cruise Missile) and the V-2 rocket-propelled bomb (the first ballistic missile ever created).

However, navigation technology was still below-par, and this meant that many bombs strayed miles from their mark - hitting civilian areas rather than their intended military targets.

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