Why Did France Lose Fewer Soldiers In World War Two Than World War One?


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Over all the loss of life was lower in the second world war. There was less desease around because there was no trench warfare, gas was also banned. But the main reason is because anti-biotics had been discovered, meaning wounds could be treated better.
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France lost fewer soldiers because Germany was fighting a new kind of war that the Dutch, Belgians, and French were not accustomed to. So before France could organize a decent and acceptable plan of action in six weeks Germany defeated France. In the French's defense it was more the fault of the French government for the defeat than the French military who after all take orders and do what they are told. Read Battle of France 1940.
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Because they lost!!!! Duh
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France lost a lot of men in WWI as did every country that fought this war. In WWII Germany crossed into France without firring a shot. The French pretty much just let them in and they came!
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Many, many, many less. France lost more than a million soldiers in WW1, vs less than 100k in WW2
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After WWI, they trained the soldiers how to say I surrender in German. They surrendered a lot faster than WWII.

Hence the joke, "What is the first thing you learn in the french military?"
answer, "I surrender in German!"
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In WWI, France fought a battle of attrition
In WWII, France crumpled under German Blitzkrieg
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What are some famous military leaders from France that were involved in world war 2 and what did they accomplish?
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France's government, I think it was called the vichy's, collaberated with the nazi's  through most of the war. Though most of the french people were against this and were quite heroic in their acts in the french underground movement. France, to this day, still has a reputation as cowards just because of their government at the time. I think it's very unjustified.
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France surrender faster then in ww1 and also they didn't participate in many battles during ww1 because they are under the rule of Germany.

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