What did Italy do in World War Two?


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Ask most people, and the first thing they'll tell you about Italy's involvement in World War II is that they switched sides from the Axis to the Allies.

However, the truth is a little more complicated than that:

Italy's actions during World War II

Mussolini was interested in making Italy an imperial power, but was reluctant to enter Germany's war.

In the 1930's, Italy invaded Ethiopia, but became bogged down in that war, eventually needing the support of Germany. 

Italy later invaded Abyssinia, Albania, and Greece, but again, met stiff resistance and had to be bailed out by the Germans.

Italy did not take part in the invasion of France, however, until Germany had entered Paris - and then only occupied part of Southern France.

Italians, for the most part, were not enthusiastic about the war and welcomed the Americans and British when they landed in 1943.

Mussolini was finally deposed with a vote of no confidence by his own government, which then sought to transfer power back to King Emmanuel.

The end to Italy's involvement in World Ward 2

Germany rescued Mussolini (in the famous Skorzeny raid) and set up a puppet government in northern Italy, then occupied Rome and offerred stiff resistance to the Allied liberators.

Rome was taken by the allies just prior to the invasion of Normandy, so its liberation was greatly overshadowed by operation Overlord.

Hope this helped fill in the gaps!
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Benito Mussolini was the Prime Minister of Italy since 1922.

Under his leadership, Italy sided with the Axis powers and became a key part of the WW2 on 10th June 194 when Mussolini led Italy into the war. He was deposed due to the Allied Invasion, but was rescued from prision by German special forces. After that he led parts of Italy not occupied by Allied forces.
Mussolini faced total defeat during April 1945. He tried to escape to Switzerland, but was captured and executed by Communist Italian partisans.
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They supported and joined the Germans.
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Joined the Germans.
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Italy was in the Axis Powers. They were with Hitler. So they wanted to take over the world.

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