What Kind Of Food Did They Eat In World War 2?


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From what I heard. They ate, peanut butter, beans, corn, and Spam. Spam was actually made from the left overs. A worker at a slaughter house wa asked to make something for the troops from the Shoulder/Pork/Ham left overs from the pig. Hence (s)houlder (p)ork h(am) which is why you sometimes get a hard bit in spam. Which is either cartilage, a nerve or a bone. They were also given chocolate in their rations. Mainly cause then chocolate, in correct amounts, is good for you. Now er have extra chemicals and we even replaced ingredients in chocolate. Making it taste better but ridding it of it nutrition benefits.

They mainly what was able to be stored and what was able to be taken in M-R-E(Meals Ready to Eat).

I was assuming you meant they as in soldiers. If you meant they as in normal citizens. Then it mainly depends on which country you lived in as well as what region of that country. The seasons also played a role on what food was grown on other regions.

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