What Food Did Children Eat During Ww2?


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Since I was a child in World War II in the U.S., I can answer that. We ate pretty much what anyone would eat today, but there were some exceptions. There were no frozen foods, no fast foods (pop tarts, Burger King, McDonald's, etc.), and a lot of people planted Victory gardens, so fresh veggies were often available. Many mothers canned foods at home for the winter months--not in cans as you see in the stores but in glass jars that had been filled with fresh veggies and steamed in a pressure cooker.  Meat was rationed. People had books of ration coupons they had to turn in when they bought meat at the market. Margarine was more common than butter and it came in large blocks with a tiny cellophane wrapped food coloring dye that had to be worked into the white margarine to give it color.  With transportation resources taken up by the military, in the winter when fresh fruit wasn't available, orange juice and other juices were available only in cans. I never liked the taste of canned orange juice as well as fresh.  There were cereals, such as Wheaties and corn flakes but not the variety you see today. Sorry, no Count Chocula or Fruit Loops.  In England, much more rationing was in effect than in the U.S. Since the War was literally at their front door. In Europe's mainland, people were on very limited food supplies and ate whatever they could get.

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