What Do Germans Eat For Christmas?


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huang ruo answered
Usually, the first day at Christmas, families eat barbecue - such as meat, roast goose duck, chicken roast beef or pork, etc. Among them, the most classic of roast goose is a dish, not only in the home, when Christmas table all of Germany's restaurant and cafeteria for each enterprise of a speciality
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I would eat turkey,ham,hot rolls with butter,hot(tangy/spicy) mashed potato salad,green bean casserole,pumpkin pie,apple pie,deviled eggs,sweet buttered corn on the cobb,and a big tall glass of ice cold coke(well 3 glasses),fish sticks(real ones).and maybe after the first  round of food digested I would go back for a hot fudge sunday with peanuts or just a bowl of ice cream (whatever flavor you like/mine would be mint chocolate chip or orange sherbert).are you hungry yet because I can go on.later I would probably have a leftover meal of the same or a ham&turkey sandwich with some potato salad smeared over top of it and a deviled egg on the side with a ice cold coke.

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