Which Country Helped The American Colonies During The Revolutionary War?


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France and England have been fighting with each other for most of recorded western history. When England committed to putting down the revolution in the colonies France knew that supporting the colonies would hurt England without risking French lives. It isn't so much that France cared about the colonies, it was simply an opportunity to strike at England.
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The most supportive nation which aided the American Colony's effort to break away from it's status as a British controlled territory. It was of course France, especially after the Americans won the field at the Battle of Saratoga, October 1777.
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you r right but i will just add that benjamin franklin tried to get their support at first france said no because they didnt know if the americans could turn the tide so once saratoga was won france decided to join the effort.
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With war, there are declared and undeclared Allies; who have their own interests to protect. Yes France helped, so did the 'Native Americans, and probably 'The Dutch'.
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Native Americans were divided and supported one side or the other inline with how they were treated by the British, French and the American settlers. Check out, what the American commander ordered against the most civilized/organized tribe in south New York, near Ithaca and Horsehead. Check out the good trading relationships between certain tribes with either the British or French and also those Native Americans, who chose not to involve themselves in the affairs of European Cultures, who were dominanting their lands.
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Haiti, and there is a monument in Savannah Georgia commemorating that contribution.
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The answer of course is England. Without the poor leadership, often questionable generalship, incredible arrogance and condescending attitude of England, there would have been no hope for American independence.

Oh... France helped a bit too. I think they provided catering.
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Please don't make comments like this, coffee out one's nose is most unpleasant ;)
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France did indeed provide catering because they were trying to poison the English who they hated more than bathing. Poland did the most by offering the services of 2 great generals Pulaski and Koseusko. History tells us that Pulaski and Koseusko both contributed significantly to the Revolutionary war but historians had a hard time spelling Kususco so he was relegated to a footnote.
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The French were definitely interested in the outcome, but I have to agree with Dragoon9. Factor in the unreasonable taxes that were levied against the U.S. only, and the lack of representation because of inability to buy into the English political system, and a war was ripe, we had natural resources and the indians taught us guerilla warfare. Way to answer 'em Dragoon9

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