Who really rules the world?


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Hey I could sit here and say an elite group of people who you will never know the names of.
But the absolute truth of the matter is, we own and rule the world...... Yes us, we ordinary everyday schmucks.
For without us, nothing would ever get done.
The elite may direct and profit from the world as it is..... But make no mistake ever, we the people, we the average person, we hold destiny in our hands and destiny waits for us to rise up and claim the equitable, fair treatment we have always deserved.
But please, no violence, if done right, we can easily accomplish this all with zero blood shed.
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Joe B.
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Okay someone has a stick up their ass..... Don't take things in ways they were never meant.
Arun Bera
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He joe you are right i think we only rule the world. You rock 102/100
Jessie Smith
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I'm not...I'm just clarifying the way things really are. It's your choice whether you believe it or not, I can't make you do anything. All I am doing is simply stating what is right in the eyes of God.
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Almighty GOD rules the world....its just like u cant see air but you feel it n simply you cant live without it...so is the case with GOD you cant see him ruling the world but u can feel him...look at the wonders of him...they are everywhere around you. You just have to take a look n make a firm belief that it is GOD who rules the whole world.
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God does.
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One World Order controls it now and is known by other names but all the same
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God is the ruler of this world.  No matter how much we think we do, we don't.  God knows our every step in life before we even decide it.

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