What Are The Causes And Effects Of War Of Independence 1857?


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• expansion of British
• Doctrine of Lapse
• exclusion of Indians from important posts
• landowners deprived of their lands and excessive taxation on them and
• abolition of sati
• conversion to Christianity and teaching of it in schools
• differences in salaries of sepoys and British soldiers
• military reforms outraged religious feelings of sepoys
• greased cartridge
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The war was basically the result of the gaps caused between the Indians and the British. The British had almost the entire subcontinent under their control and with the passing years, unrest was caused among the Indians when at last it became rebellion and the war started. The events that led to unease and rebellion among the Indians were:

The arrival of missionaries about whom the Indians believed that they did not have respect for the ancient Indian faith. A large number of people were unemployed after the annexation of Avadh and this also led to frustration. Poverty greatly increased in the subcontinent as the people were unemployed, only finished goods were sold and the craftsmen didn’t have any work.

At the end of the war, the rule of the subcontinent was transferred to the British crown. The Queen made promises that there would be no discrimination and the appointments would be made on the basis of merit. But in the years that followed, these promises were not kept and as a result there was still the same frustration and hopelessness among the people of the subcontinent.

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The 1857 war of Independence basically began as a sepoy Mutiny in the Bengal Presidency Army. There were many reasons for this war since 1775 when the British Government started confiscating the property and titles of the local Muslims and Hindus. The final blow came around when Britishers introduced a new Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle. The cartridges of the rifle were greased with pork fat and cow fat, and in order to load the cartridge the sepoy had to remove this greasing layer with his mouth. This created unrest and hatred amongst the Indian soldiers as Pork is regarded as unclean in Muslims and cow is too sacred for Hindus. So these sepoys Mutinied against the Bristish Government and were joined by Sikhs and ordinary citizens.
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The war of Independence was a result of the introduction of greased catridges which wee covered with the fats of pork and cow and in order to use it the sepoys had to chew it, which became one of the main causes of the war as pork is considered as unclean in Islam and cow is a idol in Hinduism. So the sepoys seperated from british, as the british replaced Persian and Sanskrit to English so the Indians thought that the british were attacking their culture. The christian missionaries who preached their religion and also converted many of Indians to Christianity the Indians belived that the British wanted to finish them from their base

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There are several reasons for the war of Independence in 1857.
   There are some political as well as social reasons for the war.the doctrine of lapse was one of the major reasons.when a ruler of a state died and there was no legal heir to take his place the british would take over that state

there are other reasons as well but it'll take to long to explain
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There were military factor:greesed cartidges (cow&pig fats)
political factor like docturine of lapse which introduced by lord Dalhousie
economic factor that british govt were imposing high taxes against muslims
less opportunity of jobs for hindus and muslims .there social factors : Purdah and sutlee.....
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The war of Independence was not started by chance I was planed and fought for freedom from English, because India was land of Muslims and Hindus not of English.
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Then war of independence occurred because of the british and the lack of unity amongst peoples
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The British were afraid of the Muslim cultural heritage which was very rich in all aspects. The English wanted to prove their culture as superior to others. Thus they adopted a policy of ridiculing the Muslim culture. This attitude greatly agitated Muslim religious feelings. A hundred year rule over the Sub-Continent had given the English an air of superiority. They considered themselves a super creation and often resorted to insulting attitude towards the people of the Sub-Continent.
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Main reasons are:lack of unity.
Interest of prince.
Strength of british
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The War of Independence was fought because of the wrong policies that were made against Muslims Hindus
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Doctrine of Lapse of Lord Dalhousie. Permanant Settlement of Corniwalas. Isue of Catrigdes, economic exploitation were the majore causes of War of Independence.

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The colonists in america had established colonies of their choise.they also had an administrative set-up.they had provincial assemblies enacted unjust laws like:the sugar act of 1764: Tariff was levied on sugar imported from west indies.the stamp act of 1765:stamp duties was imposed on newspapers,legal documents,insurance policies,ship papers,licences and playing cards too.ofcourse,because of the opposition,this was withdrawn.the colonists had no representatives in the parliament.so the colonist declared:''No taxation without representation''.
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The  main reason is the illogical religious sentiments of the north Indian  sepoys

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