Write A Brief Note On The Political And Economical Conditions Of Muslims In India After The Independence War (1857)?


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Political Condition:

Although the decline of Muslims in Indo-Pak had started immediately after the death of Aurang Zeb Alamgir, yet they had not lost their heart. They had constantly been striving to regain their lost status. Sometimes their efforts increased, and sometimes decreased for the time being due to adverse circumstances. When the British rulers captured Bengal, the Muslims became greatly disappointed.

However, even after the occurrence of this tragedy they fought many blood-shed battles to regain their past glory. After the martyrdom of Sultan Tipu in the battle of Myspore, the Muslims became entirely hopeless. Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last twinkling star of Mugul dynasty became an unprecedented subject to the ruthless vengeance of the English rulers. Now the Muslims went astray groping in utter darkness. They had lost their destination and had no means to move ahead. Their grandeur now became a memory of the past. It seemed that they had been destined to the endless subjugation.

Economic Condition:

The majority of Muslims were already so much indigent that they could not afford even simple food to keep their soul and body together, but after the Independence War they had to face inexpressible miseries. Financial bankruptcy' along with the political decline also became the fate of Muslims. The English, revengefully, caused every financial suffering to the Muslims. The Muslim Janded gentry were disinherited through large scale confiscations. To bring them low in the field of trade and industry they were deprived of all privileges and considerations.

The fingers of the Muslims weavers, who produced best Muslims in the world, were pruned so that they might not prepare goods to compete the production of the English factories. The Muslims were also deprived of employments and opportunities. The majority of them were illiterate; the luckiest educated persons could, at the most, get clerical job. In short, economically they were completely wretched.

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