What Were The Causes Of The Failure Of War Of Independence 1857?


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There were two major reasons behind the failure of the war. Lack of unity between the various classes of people in the Indian subcontinent and the enormous strength of the British force. There is no single reason why the war failed to fulfill its goals. The elaborated reasons are as follows.

Lack of unity- The landed aristocracy Opposed the Sepoy and some even fed information to the British regarding the Sepoy's movement. In addition to that, some Landed aristocracy helped the British by providing carts, horses and elephants. Furthermore they even formed anti Sepoy corps to resist the Sepoy s. The British acknowledged this and presented titles such as Khan Sahib to the Landed aristocracy. Seeing this the middle class also sided the British. Moreover the lower class and the peasantry remained apathetic, because, they were the ones who were affected the most by the ongoing war, so the did not want any more trouble.

Strength of the British- Despite all other problems the Sepoy s did give all their effort, however, the british were just too strong for them. Britain was one of the most wealthiest nations at that time and its troops were highly trained for skilled warfare. Moreover the availability of better armaments was another benefit for the British over the Sepoy. The British also implemented its scheme of divide and conquer, by daunting the landed aristocracy, it claimed that the uprising would spell a major threat to the social hierarchy.

Both the reasons stated above contribute equally to the, to the massive failure of the Sepoys. However. If there would be some unity between the different classes, it can be assumed that the British could possibly be defeated.
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There were several reasons that ultimately contributed towards the shameful defeat of the local army (sepoys) of the subcontinent in the War of Independence in 1857. The first one was the absence of a strong leadership role, which was supposed to be played by the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar but he did not have a thorough understanding of what was going on in the war.

Secondly there was lack of unity in the local camps. The troops were shambolic and divided amongst themselves, a situation that was not at all suitable for an army to win a war. Another very relevant reason was the incorporation of modern techniques and technology by the British army to quash the obsolete strategies of the sepoys, something that they accomplished with effortless elan. Also there was no support from Hindus and Sikhs as they were seeing the War of Independence as an attempt to restore the Mughal empire.
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I think war of independence failed due to the several reasons:
Firstly the lack of unity among the Indian peoples, they were not coordinated in what they hoped to achieve, there was no common platform and different ruler of different region fought for different reasons.
Another reason was that the prince were more interested in restoring their feudal power instead to established a unite India.
The strong reason for the failure of the war of independence was the strength of British. They were well experienced in warfare and highly trained. They had modern equipment tools and had modern method of fighting.Although there were strong uprising againts the British but were uncoordinated.
These reasons contributed towards the failure if war of independence of 1857.
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• absence of unity of action among rebels
• military leaders gave little support.  Mutual jealousies and intrigue
• revolt confirmed to a limited area, many Indians remained faithful to
• superiority of British troops and military leaders
• British assisted by Gurkhas and Sikhs
• Reckless vandalism by rebels lost the sympathy of civil population
• many rebel leaders were indecisive and short-sighted
• conciliatory policy of Lord Canning
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I think the real cause of failure of war was the unsteady nature of hindus which affected greatly on the war and all the blame was went to the muslims.
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The war of Independence1857 was a result of many actions of british. Like greased catridges which wa introduced in january1857 the catridge was to be used after removing a covering of fats of pork andcow which caused unrest in the british sepoys as pork is considered as unclean in Islam and the Hindus worshiped the cow and considered it as one of their Idols. Another cause of it was the replacement of Persian to English and Sanskrit also which caused the Indians to think that the british were attacking their culture .

        The british missionaries who were trying to preach their religion also converted some of the orphans to christianity which blowed away the  calmness of Indians

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Well it was like this somehow:
1-British attempt to rule through local allies and friendly princes was abandoned
2-British were now determined to take political and military authority into their own hands and rule the whole of subcontinent
3-For proud Muslims it was a collective blow-from The Muslim Ruler and Hindus and Sikhs - which took a long time to recover
4-1858-the British government announced-Secretary of State for India was to be appointed with Cabinet rank and the Governer General was now called Viceroy in logical sequence in Jan 4-1858-the British government announced-Secretary of State for India was to be appointed with Cabinet rank and the Governer General was now called Viceroy in logical sequence in Jan 1877 Queen Victoria of England was declared the Empress of India-the House of Taimur was officially exchanged with British Royal Family--or The British Raj had started....
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Not the above reasons are good enough to answer this question. The cause was also lack of planning and leadership
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To add to d above points

the war was localised-Many parts of India were not effected by the war at all.Punjab remained absolutely unaffected,rulers like Sindhiya,the Pathans,the Gorkhas and the Nizam of Hyderabad supported the British.Even Sindh,Rajashthan and Bengal remained unaffected.

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