Was The Civil War A Success Or Failure?


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I would say that it was a success..The civil war was fought for two reasons, one the goverment (or the "union") was telling other states what they could and could not do and at first it was not that they told them they couldn't own slaves it was that they could not be a part of the"union" if they did...so
those states that wanted to be able to own states decided they did not need to be a part of the "union" so they were going to make there own goverment that included states that owend slaves if they so chose to...thus the
"Conferderate States of America" was born...
So of course the union didn't want these states to do that
and the out cry of people against slavery was getting stronger
so when the war was over slavery was abolished and the states again were part of the union so yes, it was a success

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