What Did The Emancipation Proclamation Accomplish?


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The Emancipation Proclamation was a direct failure in the purpose of abolition of slavery. However it did manage to score some oblique yet meaningful accomplishments that later on played their role in putting a permanent end to slavery. First and foremost, the Emancipation Proclamation increased the motivation of the Union army to win the American Civil War by adding another purpose to their fighting.

Initially they were only fighting to save the Union and now they were also fighting for an even worthier cause, which was the abolition of slavery. Moreover the Emancipation Proclamation proved to be a distant yet strong ray of hope for the enslaved African Americans, which encouraged them to run away from their masters to achieve freedom and join the Union army. Lastly, this Emancipation Proclamation resulted in discouraging Great Britain and other countries from aiding the Confederate army specially when they heard that the Union was trying to put a complete end to slavery.
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It caused other countries like England and France to decide that they shouldn't support the South since they banned slavery.

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