What Was The Treaty Of The Civil War?


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Do you refer to the American Civil War?  The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812, not the Civil War.  There was no treaty, as we might think of one, to end the Civil War.  Treaties are signed by governments of opposing nations.  The United States was one nation, as recognized by the Federal government.  The Confederacy was seen as a rebellion against that government.  Had there been a treaty, it would have been a treaty recognizing the Confederacy as a valid government and thus would have given the South the independence it was looking for.

The Civil War ended with the surrender of the fighting forces of the Confederacy.  There was no treaty.  Each state was admitted back into the Union, and the Federal government's authority upheld.  The soldiers of the South simply laid down their weapons and went home.  And, had President Abraham Lincoln had his say, that would be that; all would have been forgiven and nothing more was to be said.  However, Reconstruction, as carried out by his successor, proved somewhat messy.  But that's another story.
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The Treaty of Ghent.
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The Treaty of Ghent brought the War of 1812 to a close in 1814 (and was ratified by the Senate in 1815). The War of 1812 chiefly involved the United States and Great Britian. The American Civil war spanned the years 1861 to 1865 and involved only the people of the United States.

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