What Were The Contributions Of Robert E. Lee In The American Civil War?


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Concerning the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee was one of the most excellent Army Generals of the United States around the period of the American Civil War. Although the Confederate army lost the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee proved to be an remarkable military leader for the Confederacy, enabling them to score many victories against the Union army, when they were least expected to win it. Although President Abraham Lincoln had asked General Robert E.

Lee to lead the Union army, he had refused to do that stating the reason that he could not fight against his own state Virginia, which was the part of the Confederate States of America. It was a phenomenal quality of General Lee that whenever the Confederate army won a battle against the Union army, he used to give the entire credit to his valiant soldiers. Nevertheless whenever the Confederate army lost the battle, General Lee used to take the entire blame upon himself. Although he had joined the Confederate army, Robert E. Lee had a great love for the United States.

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