When Was The Last Battle Of The War Of 1812 Fought?


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The last battle of the War of 1812 was actually the Battle of Fort Bowyer on February 11th, 1815. This took place over a month after New Orleans and was a British victory over the Americans!
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8 January 1815.
About 2 weeks after the treaty was signed that ended the War.

SEE we didn't have no Internet back then, or CNN, or telephones. So it literally took weeks for the news of the Treaty (signed in Ghent, Belgium on 24 December 1814) to reach the soldiers fighting back in the USA.

The last battle is called "The Battle of New Orleans", or sometimes "the third battle of New Orleans". The Americans were led by "Old Hickory" -- Andrew Jackson, who would later become president. He made sure that defences were dug in around the city in late 1814, before the British launched an assault on 28 December. This was repelled, as was a second attack a few days later. Not counting lots of little skirmishes between the two sides.

But on 8 January 1815 the British made another big attack. This time losses were heavy on both sides, but the former colonists won hands-down.

The battle is also noteworthy for the variety of soldiers fighting on both sides. Scottish highlanders and Spanish mercenaries for the Brits, outlaws and ex-slaves, including a group from Haiti, for the Americans.
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Jan. 8
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Not quite.  There was one final battle after the Battle of New Orleans, fought in St. Mary's, Georgia.  Run a Google search.
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I am only 12 yet I know the answer. The war was last fought in 1814. This was because when the peace treaty was it did not reach the U.S in time. So the U.S didnt get the treaty and then the invasion took place and then it went on until 1812 that is how.
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January 8, 1815 is correct   date
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The effects of colonization did not evade any country, at the onset. The early colonial masters, the British, led the fray, taking advantage of the renaissance and the Industrial Revolution that had touched Europe earlier. The territorial expansion programs paved the way for interference in the social and economic spheres of the dependents. Even the United States of America that we know today succumbed to the designs of the British. However, history records that the Americans were the most intolerant of all the colonial subjects.

The War of 1812 was an outburst of American rage at the seizure of thousands of American soldiers, by the British. The British had gone a step further and placed biased restrictions on the Neutral Trade prevalent at the time. The battle continued, with the loss of life and property and weakened defences, until a truce was finally signed. However, due to slow methods of communication, which was fairly new at the time, the news of the truce did not reach the defences in New Orleans and hence, the battle continued there for some time. Hence, the Battle of New Orleans was the last battle fought in the War of 1812. The rag tag force of American soldiers led by Andrew Jagson was responsible for freeing thousands of slaves and pirates.

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