What was the first war ever fought?


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The first actual recorded battle in history is..... (drum roll) ... This is a guess... The Battle of Kadesh,  fought between the Egyptians and this is the guess part - not the Assyrians, not the Philistines, not the Sea Peoples,  not the Persians... It was a conglomerate of cities, but under the ...not Babylonians...  I can't remember!!!  There have been pictures painted in tombs, etc (that still exist today) showing various battle scenes from earlier in history, but this is the first one recorded in writing....it took place about 1500 BC.
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Messed up... It was Meddigo, in 1479 BC or close. Syrian cities revolted against the Egyptians, and lost.
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World war 1 then world war 2 
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ww1 was first then what happened to the revolution and don't even remind me of the spartans and other midieval battles

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