How Many Wars Has Turkey Faced?


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Turkey has been continuously occupied by humans since 23,000 BCE. The first recorded war that residents there were involved with was The Trojan War, in 1250 BCE.

As long as there have been people living in groups, the neighboring groups have had had conflicts. The longest, most bitter, most persistent conflicts have always been between neighbors. The first person who observed that was Herodotus, an ancient Greek who was the first historian. The most recent affirmation of this trend resulted when Jimmy Carter sent people all over the world to study ways of insuring peace.

It's probably safe to assume that wars occur at least once per generation, or 20 years. 3000 years of civilization divided by 20 years per generation yields an estimate of 150 wars that Turkey has faced. That is since the Trojan war.
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If your question refers to the history of the Republic of Turkey, we can say that Turkey has faced only one war, which was its War of Independence (Kurtuluş Savaşı).

Apart from that, we should note the ongoing conflict with the PKK, a separatist Kurdish terrorist group, and the invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Turkey also participated in the Korean War of 1950-53.

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