Which Of The Worlds Countries Have Never Been Conquered By Another Nation?


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Nepal....everyone forgets nepal, they have never been conquered neither occupied by any other nation.
Otherwise, as for as I know, each and every country has been either occupied or conquered or ruled by another one atleast for some time in the last 3000years.
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Yes nepal has never been conquered.. Despite there has been several attempt to conquer that land by british and mongols... The nepalies are known to be the most fiersome warriors in the world.. Without any intentions of expanding their territories like mongols or british.. They are happy with there part of land and know well to save their freedom
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Ethiopia fought Italians, British,
Egyptians, Somalis and Sudanese at various times but never conquered.
Italia invaded Ethiopia in 1896 to colonize but shockingly suffered crushing defeat.
Bear in mind, it was the first time a European power is defeated by African
nation. To settle its humiliating defeat, the successor of the Roman Empire-Italians-took
preparation for 45 years and invaded Ethiopia in 1941 supported by the Nazi

Italians managed to control only the
main cities for 5 years but the Ethiopian patriots had continued creating nightmare against the Italians
and forced them to stay only in few cities. In 1945, the Ethiopian king who
sought asylum in UK at the time the Italians invaded Ethiopia, returned back to
Sudan and led the joint Ethiopian patriotic forces and the British troops and sealed
the second defeat of
Italians. The British were supporting Ethiopians because Italians created axis
with Nazi Germany.

It is true that the Italians
controlled few places but could not effectively control the country. There is
no significant legacy left by Italians in Ethiopia. By the way, Italia had paid
war indemnities and has been providing various assistances to Ethiopia special
constructing infrastructure and hydroelectric power plants.

So, Ethiopia successfully pushed back
all invaders including Italian and maintained its independence for more than
3000 years. That is Ethiopia has its unique alphabets, calendar, names, culture,
religious and even physical appearance of its people.

Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
has never been Conquered by another Nation across its 3000 years recorded

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No nation on Earth that has survived being utterly independent - that means either being conquered, or governed by another nation.
However, there are Nations that have never been conquered, though for some, it is a grey area.
If we rule out nations that were 'created', but never conquered - this would include most of the new world ie USA, Australia, Canada, most of South America.

So here is the list of Mother Nations (the old world) that have never been conquered, but may have been governed for a short period by a foreign entity. There are 3 nations. These are Scotland, Sweden and Thailand
- Scotland and Sweden have had foreign kings as head of states,
- parts of Thailand were under different rulers until it merged into the state we know today.

Some might say Russia, Japan, Arabia.
- Russia was conquered and dominated by the Mongol Empire for 200 years
- Japan was forced into 'unconditional surrender' (conquered) by the Allies in WW2
- Arabia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for several centuries
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Ethiopia have never been occupied or conquered in it's history... Italy Tried to occupy in 1895, but failed...
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Actually, contrary to popular belief, Scotland has been conquered by England - not the Kingdom of England, mind you. In 1652 the forces of the English Republic under Oliver Cromwell completed the military conquest of Scotland, imposing an English government regime which was supported by 10,000 troops and a network of fortresses, lasting until the restoration of the monarchy in 1660!
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Well, all of you seem to exclude countries in Africa!!

  Ethiopia has never been colonized in its 3000 years history except the 5 years occupation of Italy.
    Ethiopians were able to defeat Italy in the Battle of Adwa in 1896 and became the first black nation to successful repel colonization.
    The five year occupation may disqualify Ethiopia from being one of the countries that have never been "conquered."

  But if we consider occupation as being "conquered", all the countries that are listed above have been "conquered" since they have definitely been occupied not ruled by some other people at some point in their history.

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- On Germany, I would call the Russians and the Americans meeting in Berlin with tanks a conquest.  Earlier, it was conquered multiple times: By the Swedes and the Danes in the 30 Years War (although neither could consolidate or hold territory for long), by the Hapsburgs, and by the Romans.  
- England was conquered at least twice - by the Normans and by the Romans.  
- China was conquered by the Manchurians and the Mongols.  
- Edward I of England effectively conquered Scotland in 1290.. His successor just couldn't figure out how to hold it.  
- Russia was conquered by Batu Khan from 1223 to 1240, which he and a successor held until 1280.
- Japan was effectively conquered twice, both times by the US. The US imposed a blockade, extraterritoriality and assumed total control of trade and tariffs in 1858 - which is, for all intents and purposes, conquering somebody.  Then it really did (militarily) conquer and occupy Japanese territory in 1945, staying for a couple of years.
- Thailand was part of the Khmer Empire until the 12th century and it was effectively conquered in 1941 when Japan invaded and then dictated an armistice.
- Iran was conquered by Assyria, Alexander the Great, and then again by Caliph Umar in 642, which saw the country integrated into the great Islamic Caliphate.  The Seljuks conquered it again in the 11th century, and yet again by the Mongols, 1219, with fighting through 1256 or so, before it stopped resisting.  It was largely conquered again by the Russians and Ottomans at the tail end of the Safavid period (around 1736 or so).  Iran got conquered a lot during its history, so I probably missed a few.

Sorry.. Other than the US, I'm having a hard time finding a major country that hasn't been conquered in historical memory.  And even the US managed to get its capital sacked by Canadians in the War of 1812.
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Almost every country on Earth was 'conquered.'

USA, Canada, Mexico, and Americas- Native Americans conquered and land colonized

Australia- Aboriginal defeat at the hands of the British

Japan- US occupation following WWII

Thailand- Japanese during WW II

Scotland- subjugated by English many times, including the rule of King Edward Longshanks and Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell


Nepal can be argued for, although it served as a vassal state of the Gupta Empire and also under the incredible influence of the British Empire.

Sweden, which has maintained its sovereignty throughout history has had many unions with other countries, becoming semi-autonomous, most notably the Kalmar Union. During World War II, the Swedes served at the whim of the Third Reich of Germany, although they pleaded neutral, like Switzerland.

Bhutan has some claims, for records of the period between the 7th and 9th centuries are sketchy. Claims have been made that the Kamarupa Kingdom or Tibetan Empire conquered it during this time. The British and Indians have also had considerable influence.

So most countries have never remained autonomous. And Sweden, Nepal, and Bhutan (which has sketchy history) have come under major influence.
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Scotland has never been conquered all though ruled by an english government.
Russia has never been conquered even though many attempts have been made, due to
the size of the country it has been able to fend off complete domination.
Every other country has been dominated by an opposing force at some time in history.
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Scotland has been conquered twice by england, the first time was in the 13th century by edward the 1st of england [hammer of the scots] the 2nd was by oliver cromwell of england in the 17th century, both of these conquests were total military defeats and acceptance of english rule. England has been conquered once by the normans [who originated from scandinavia] in the 11th century, and once by the romans who stayed for 400 years, although this was before england was established as a country, and was inhabited by various european settlers.
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It has never been conquered, though it has been invaded (usually by England), and it has had English Kings as head of state. But, it has never been conquered.
England has been conquered twice. First, by the Romans, then by the Normans.
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People who say america has never been conquered are wrong. The original habitats of usa are the red indians so countries like the britain, france and spain had to fight the red indians to take there land.
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Canada... The French and English fought over a part of it in the 18th century, but the country as a whole has never been conquered by anyone.  We didn't even have serious Indian wars like the US had.

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