How Many Countries Did The Romans Invade?


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It's extremely difficult to answer this question with a round number, as in ancient times there were not the same countries or territorial divisions as there are now.

Instead, there were regions, which were divided into several sub-regions.

How many countries did the Romans invade?
  • The whole of the Italian peninsula, which was then united under Roman rule.
  • The empire then expanded to include the whole of modern-day France, which was then known as "Gaul".
  • The Romans conquered the whole of the Iberian peninsula - which is Spain and Portugal - and called it "Hispania".
  • England and Wales were invaded, but not Scotland. The island we know today as Great Britain was called "Britannia" by the Romans.
  • The Romans invaded parts of modern-day Germany, but were driven out of the Germanic forests when they tried to push deeper into the region. This territory was known as Germania.
  • Most of the Balkans and south-eastern Europe were conquered. Countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, and the former Yugoslava republics were all captured and ruled by Rome.
  • Almost the entire North African coast was captured, along with present-day Egypt.
  • The Romans pushed into Asia and captured Turkey, which was known as Asia Minor at the time.
  • Much of the Middle East and Caucasus region was then invaded.
  • The Romans could only go as far as present-day Iran, where they were repelled by the Parthian empire.

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