Who Should Decide To Declare War?


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The citizens of the country should have a case presented to them from their elected officials. For their consideration.
I believe there should be a vote held by the citizens, including the soldiers themselves as they are also citizens. Similar to a presidential election.

Then again I suppose the current system we in America have works fairly well.... Most of the time.
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There should not be war, it is nothing but pure ignorance. War is about money first, greed second, and power third, it's disgusting. Sure, what a way to boost the economy, it's completely stupid. It's one thing to defend yourself and your country from others attacking, but we should stay out of other countries business and out of their countries period. Every time we go to help others, our men die and their people don't even want us there to begin with. So, what purpose did it serve (none!). Except for our government wanting more money and power, they need to get over it. If the people themselves could decide I honestly believe we would have less war. It's time for the United States and other countries to grow up. We continually teach our kids that fighting doesn't solve anything but we also send our troops over seas to fight. How is that for confusing the young. One day I hope the people around the world grow up, evolve, and find better solutions to conflict. Or, this world will not survive, because we have become a society of self destruction.
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I think the goverment  should play a very very small role in the decision making of declaring a war because lets face it things haven't gone too good so far have they?  I don't think there should even be wars anymore.  The people who are causing this unfortunate mess are resposible.  The soldiers & troops should have a say as they are the ones on the frontline & basically they see it all. We just sit back & watch it all on the news. We have no idea whats going on. I think if we get any sort of threats then we should just act straight away & wipe out the KNOWN whereabouts of where they are all hiding out in their bases etc, hoping & trying to avoid the civillians. Or try to get as many civillians as possible into a sort of safe place, then bomb the rest . Its very tricky & must be very difficult for all involved. Looking back now, i would of gone into the armed forces (i think). I still cannot understand why they have not yet caught Bin:Laden. There is definately corruption withiin the goverment.. There should be no more wars. Why can't we all live in peace & why should there be wars. I think most wars are down to the goverment.
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Me because we would have already dropped a few bombs and my economy would be up and running , sailing smooth and flying high. I want EVERYBODY to makes lots of money and this is difficult when we have a FEW crazies in the world scaring people and blowing up goods.
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In the united states-i would hope that it would go before our senators to mull over for  a few days or a week and then after they decide and vote i would hope the president and his counsel would look it over and decide one way or the other and then the president would have final say after listening to all sides and making a informed decision.as he is commander and chief of the armed forces.
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A country that has been violated...(example)  Invaded or bombed
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Thanks Jandres.
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Well, this can't always work and does NOT because you have armyless countries and are not capable of protecting themselves and then the Bullies are violating the little people........
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A country that is a power country,especially if threats are a known to be a problem
example 911 attack
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The Citizens First, Then The Military .Then The President.. Bush Saying There Was Weapons Of Mass Destruction.. Look What Happened... Nuf Said
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All wars should be decided by playing a video war game. That way you have a winner and a loser, but nobody dies.
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Whoever feels the strongest to start, not meaning they gonna win.
War is God's way of teaching Americans geography

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