Did the UN really declare World War 3?


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Yes, World War III. I'm running down the street butt naked now😆

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They said that it's WW3 but it depends on how you read it and understand it.

The UN Has Officially Declared The Beginning of World War III

No, it's not 'World War 3' - CNN.com

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ISIS has declared war on the western world and so far nobody has been able to stop them or even tried to fully retaliate.  If someone declares war and the other countries don't defend themselves then they'll end up being plowed under.

Yes WWIII has already started it's just that the victims so far are refusing to accept or call it a war. The PC brigade would be terribly upset if we did that.

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Finally now i can sell my shine bomb it makes everyone drunk within 25 mile radius

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ATTACK ISIS With that.
The Extremists in the group of so called 'muslims' would be so ashamed they would kill themselves !

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