Why did the Jews declare war on Germany just before world war 2, when Israel had already been promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration?




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I'm not going to answer the question, but I will observe that the UK newspapers in the 1970s were full of statements of declaration of war between "the Workers" and "the Establishment". Lurid and overstated articles described the imminent ending of "Our way of life and existence as we know it"** on this sceptre'd isle.

The Daily Express was heavily involved then too, as was the one-time Hitler-supporting Daily Mail.

There is war and war. One form results in the death of 20,000,000 Russians, 5,000,000 other nationalities, and ultimately 6,000,000 Jews, the other....... Doesn't.

** My quotations, for the purpose of emphasis - I didn't pick the wording from any particular newspaper.

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ok I take that on board thank you. What about the hundreds of other paper headlines? 6 million Jews was not a new number quoted by them, in fact it was being quoted long before world war 2.

I'm not saying that Jews were not killed, but it is certainly strange that this number was constantly printer long before world war 2. Also that true Torah Jews do not agree with a Zionist state, because in the Torah they are exiled from their country by God. Despite this Zionists have taken the majority of Palestine from them.
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What is strange is that England promised them Israel in world war 1.
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I think it also has to be noted that there are true Torah following Jews, who have lived happily side by side with Palestine's for many years. Then there are the Zionists who are not following the Torah, and have now created war between Palestine and themselves, to which Palestine who has a larger population has now lost the majority of their land. Under Jewish belief in the Torah, how can this be right?

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