How Did World War 2 Affect Women?


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The effects of World War II on women were significant.

With men off fighting the war, women were left behind to take over all the jobs that men had previously done.

This had a lasting effect on women's role in society, and helped them gain equal rights and independence in the decades following the war.

The effects of World War II on women Most countries drafted men to serve in the armed forces during World War II - and, with all the men away fighting, many jobs became available to women.
Although some women did work before World War II, a large number of them stayed at home and looked after the kids.

The outbreak of World War II changed all that - and the role of women suddenly became just as active and involved as men's.

They worked in offices, factories, farms, and anywhere that needed their support.

As far as the war-effort is concerned, women were vital in keeping munition factories running, and keeping troops supplied.

Women after World War 2

After the Second World War, men returned expecting things to go back to normal - but this didn't happen. With their new-found independence and confidence, women realized they could be more than housewives.

Although they still faced opposition from large parts of society, they were able to campaign for the right to be treated as equals by men - something that wasn't the case before World War II.

This led to a number of movements in different countries (for example the 'Suffragette' movement in the UK), where women took to the streets in protest for the right to vote.

Without World War II, women wouldn't have had a chance to prove their worth and boost their argument for equal rights.

Although equal rights is still an issue to this day, it is safe to say that women's role during World War II significantly changed the way society saw and valued women.
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World War 2 affected lives of women. Many ladies started work by going to their office as their husbands were at the war. Many women replaced the job of their husbands. Women started to fill those jobs that suited for men only. In short, responsibilities of women expanded.
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The woman at home had to play the roles of both mother and father.

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