What Influence Did The World War One Have On Women Getting The Vote?


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I know there's a lot of disagreement about this. Some historians say that women's performance of "men's work" in the war so  impressed leaders that they felt  women were to be trusted with the vote after all (this was true of Prime Minister Asquith, anyway.) Others think it had more to do with the fact that so many men had died, the government had no choice but to empower women. Or it's also been argued that as most suffragettes stopped campaigning during the war, it  actually slowed them down. And my history teacher at school said women were given the vote after the war just to keep them quiet!

There are some very good articles about this topic here.
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Women hardly had a say whatsoever in their lives. But when men, husbands and sons, went off to the war, who was going to do the work? Women normally took care of their children,food,or cleaning. So who is going to provide for them now? Women had to step up to the plate and start working to survive while the men were away. So the government suddenly realizes what they should have before: Women can work just as hard as men! Once they see how great the women are at this, the start giving them rights.Coincidence? I think not!!!]]]]]]
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Women didnt deserve the right to vote...

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