Explain Briefly About The Battle Of Jasr.


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After the defeat of the Persians in the Battle of Nammaraq, they again advanced to regain their lost areas. The Muslim army also advanced. Both the armies met at each other's opposite side on the Euphrates River. The commanders of the Muslim army decided to stay before the river but Abu Ubaidah ordered the army to build the bridge of ships and to advance on the opposite side. Thus, next morning, Muslims advanced but they found themselves at a worldly disadvantage.

The ground was uneven and the army was unable to move properly. The enemies were forfeited in a wall of white elephants. The Arabian horses had not seen this animal before and they got scared and so all of the people started running towards the bridge but the bridge was cut by a man of the Persian army and so the Muslims were trapped. Thus the Muslims tried to attack by bringing the men down from elephants and killing them but the leader of Elephants got scared and trampled many of the Muslims soldiers. This was one of the most decisive battles in the history of world in which more men were trampled than killed. But the Muslims lost this battle.
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After the defeat of the persians in the battle of namarraq they again met the muslims under the command of Bahman. The euphratea lay betweem two armies.
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