Can You Explain Briefly The Importance Of The Battle Of Badr; Also Write The Thoughts Of Scholars.


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The victory at the Battle of Badr is the most inspiring event in the history of Islam. Philip Hitti comments about this Battle in the following words "However unimportant in itself this Ghazwah-I-Badr laid the foundation of Holy Prophet SAW worldly powers. Islam had owned its first military victory. The spirit of discipline and contempt of death, manifested at this first encounter of Islam, proved characteristics of it in all the later and greater conquests….. ."

In the words of Joseph Hell, "The victory of the Battle of Badr resulted in the consolidation of power of the prophet in Yasrib. The most important result of the battle however was the deepening of faith of Muhammad SAW in himself and his closest companions in the prophetic missions."

The encyclopedia of Britannica says: "The Battle of Badr is not only the most celebrated of all battles in the memory of Muslims, it was also of great historical importance. It helped immensely to strengthen Muhammad's SAW position. There after open opposition to him in medina was impossible…"

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