How Did The Battle Of New Orleans Affect American's Attitudes Toward The War Of 1812 And Their Country?


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Given that the Battle of New Orleans was fought AFTER the peace treaty between the US and the UK had been signed (news of the treaty took so long to reach the warring armies that they fought the engagement without knowing that they were supposed to be at peace) it should have had little effect on attitudes towards the war, except in a historical sense .
In that respect it showed US citizens that their country was capable of taking on one ot the World's industrial and military giants and beating it in a set-piece battle. It thus established the USA as a modern 'European' power on the American continent and paved the way for thoughts of 'Manifest Destiny'.
Bear in mind, however, that the UK was not in a position to throw its entire military and industrial might against the US because, at that time, it was fighting for survival against Napoleonic France.
It was still a good win for the US and certainly a boost to national prestige.

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