What will you remember from 2010?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Unfortunately, Ill remember it as the year a construction accident virtually destroyed my life as I knew it
David Mathley Profile
David Mathley answered
I will also remember it as the year that a work accident destoryed my life as I knew it.
dabeee walker Profile
dabeee walker answered
The chilean miners rescue
Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
it started so well then went down hill so i hope next year will be the up hill,
yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
I'll remember it as the year my adult son went an entire year without a job, and how lucky we are that my husband and I were able to help out him, his wife, their two sons and her mother and grandmother who are living with them in the house we are paying for.
John Bearfoot Profile
John Bearfoot answered
The snowstorm that  hit  on Feb 5, 2010 and We had no electric and no heat and it was  a complete blackout and 2 days later it was 6 degrees outside and I rememember getting snow from outside to keep my things cold in a freezer inside of my kitchen.
KB Baldwin Profile
KB Baldwin answered

Most of the past since I retired is just a pleasant blur with not a lot of mileposts to tie a year to.  .  The only year that stands out in the last ten is 2013 - my 50 year class reunion, a heart attack, and prostrate surgery.  Dohn't need anorthe ryear like that. 

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