What was one result of the jay treaty of 1794?


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Hi. The ans is  The British agreed to vacate the six western forts by June 1796  and to compensate American ship owners. In return, the  United States gave most favored nation trading status to Britain, and  acquiesced in British anti-French maritime policies. The United States  guaranteed the payment of private prewar debts owed by Americans to  British merchants that could not be collected in U.S. Courts. Two joint boundary commissions were set up to  establish correctly the boundary line in the northeast  and in the northwest .  Jay, a strong opponent of slavery, dropped the issue of compensation  for slaves, which angered Southern slaveowners. Jay was unsuccessful in  negotiating an end to the impressment of American sailors into the  Royal Navy, which later became one of the key issues that led to the  War of 1812. Hope that helped. 4 more info, just google on "effects of jay treaty"

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