Enlighten The Main Points Of The Treaty Of Hudaibiya.


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The Quraish were very disturbed when they heard of this and decided to negotiate a treaty of peace with the Muslims. It was called the Treaty of Hudaibiya. It had the following terms:
1. Muslims would return to Medina that year;
2. They would be permitted to enter Mecca for Pilgrimage next year but they would stay only for 3 days in Mecca.
3. If a Quraish from Mecca joins the Muslims without permission of his guardians, he or she would be sent back to Mecca. But if a Muslim from Medina went to Mecca he or she will not be sent back.

4. There would be no fighting for at least 10 years.
Many of the Muslims including Hazrat Umar were not happy over the terms of the treaty which were very harsh over the interests of Muslims. Yet the Holy Prophet SAW accepted them with the command of Allah Who Himself, declared this treaty to be manifest victory for the Muslims:
"Verily We have granted thee a manifest victory".

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