When Did The American War Of Independence Start?


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In the year 1775 at Lexington that was located near the state of Massachusetts, the American War of Independence beheld its inception. What actually took place was the military governor of Massachusetts had sent his troops from Boston, Massachusetts to Concord to capture a store of weapons that he had learned were illegal. Although the troops were not prepared for the rage and venom of the farmers in Boston who attacked the troops valiantly and killed 273 out of the total 800 soldiers that the governor had sent. It was not much later that the news of the mass killings on behalf of the angry farmers reached Britain and instigated the state to retort to the unlawful bloodshed and bloodshed initiated by the farmers of the state of Massachusetts. This was actually the decision that eventually marked the outset of the war that was between the state of Britain and the rebellious colonists.

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