Do you think the Facebook campaign to get "Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead" into the charts (in response to Thatcher's passing) is distasteful?


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Yes, I do believe this campaign is somewhat distasteful, even though I'm not Margaret Thatcher's biggest fan.

To me there is a clear distinction between having respect for the dead and scrutinising the policies and legacy of an important political figure. Furthermore, what will getting 'Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead' into the charts, or even to number one, actually achieve? It certainly won't reverse any of the policies she enacted, or repair the damage which her government caused to some communities.

In reality this campaign is just 'celebrating' the death of an ill old-lady who served our country. We've had since her election in 1979 to scrutinise her political actions, hence why the debate would of been far more relevant back then.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their political opinion, but this campaign just seems to me like a cheap swipe, rather than part of a constructive political debate.

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Adila Adila
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Dan , you got Rage Against The Machine to number 1 for what reason? Did it really achieve anything for you in life? Did it affect your life in anyway? No. So that was a waste of time aswell. If you don't like something then why bother about it?
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You're right Addi, it didn't achieve anything for me personally, but I believe it was an important statement. The X factor gets the Christmas number 1 spot every year, why not have someone different there? Especially when it's a great song! Variety is the spice of life after all.
Adila Adila
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Radios are biased , always have and always will be. Plus the X Factor gets number one because people download it. I don't understand why so many people complain , who is downloading the music nobody actually likes? Mystery.
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Yes it is. Its distasteful , its disgusting and vile that anyone would launch an attack on the dead. Her policies weren't the best , all she did was ruin most people's lives and let people in Ireland starve and die. This lady deserves the best burial ever.

She did nothing good for the country, yet I agree she doesn't deserve the disrespect given my celebrators , although they have a full right to do as they please , it does not make them right in any way. No matter how bad or horrible any person has been , when they are dead they are gone and they deserve some respect.

So to answer your question, people are obviously not thinking right and are really low in this day and age. A bit like the Jimmy Saville debate , I think its not fair on a dead man to accuse him of such things when he is not here to defend himself , no matter how affected those people were. Once someone is dead , everything they owned , gave to the world , took for the world dies with them. They should be left alone to rest in peace.

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Dan Banks
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Actually, little changes when someone dies, especially when they are an important public figure such as Margaret Thatcher or Jimmy Saville. There's a difference between having a debate about their legacy and investigating them for serious crimes and being disrespectful. Obviously there needs to be evidence to back up any allegations, and in the case of Saville there is plenty of evidence.
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Conformity is the key answer here. Evidence doesn't prove anything. People's statements doesn't prove anything. People can lie...they lie all the time. No there is not a difference , when someone dies , they die and nothing more. People die all over the world, nobody cares about the rest of them. Plus like I said before , we conform to others views and are influenced by the minority, it is in your unconcious mind so at times you would not even have noticed it.

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