Do you think the NRA should be allowed to run social media campaigns?


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No I do not believe that the National Rifle Association (NRA) should be allowed to run advertisements campaigns on social media platforms.

The main problem I have with the NRA running social media campaigns is that these advertisements will certainly engage children and could glorify the use of guns. The other issue I take with the NRA is that I find the organisation and what it stands for completely abhorrent.

The National Rifle Association

  • The main objective of the NRA is: To uphold and protect the second amendment of the United State's constitution.
  • The group is also one of the largest lobbying groups in America. Due to this it can command a great deal of political power.
The main issue I take with the NRA is that they put profits before lives. The organisation holds an idealised and romantic view of firearms and attempts to spread these views amongst the general public. Anybody who tries to counter the NRA's arguments are branded as anti-American and anti-Constitutional.
The NRA has even held rallies at towns just weeks after school massacres. This topic, and the NRA in general is explored in detail by Michael Moore in his documentary, 'Bowling for Columbine'.

I don't believe that the NRA should be allowed to use social media campaigns because they could use these to influence the minds of children and vulnerable people. Which could ultimately lead to more tragedies in the future.

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