Can You Write Down On Ustad Mangu's Row With The Goran Soldier?


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Ustad Mangu's were with the Gora soldier was motivated by his deep seated hatred against the English. He came to know that on 1st April, a new constitution was going to be enforced in India. It was government of India act 1935. With the enforcement of this act, everything was going to change in favor of the working class. The people of the working class were going to get equal human rights with the enforcement of this act. Ustad Mangu rose up early in the morning and came out on the road on 1st April. He found that nothing had changed in the cantonment.

He happened to pick a row with a Gora soldier. He was under the illusion of new constitution. He recognized that he was the same Gora who insulted him last year. Now the time has changed. Now equal human rights have been restored. The Gora told Ustad Mangu that he wanted to go to the dancing girl's bazaar; ustad demanded Rs.5 as fare the Gora showed his this pleasure at it. He insulted ustad mangu.

Ustad Mangu looked at him with great contempt. Then he raised his arms and hit him in the chin. He was sent to prison and was told that it was the same old constitution.

Ustad Mangu was justified in beating the Gora for his deep seated hatred against the British and for there inhuman treatment to the English Indians.
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Its good think if he gave hand and hit him chin because before 1 year same gora insulted the ustad mangu.

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