How Was Ustad Mangu Disillusioned On 1st April In `The New Constitution`?


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In the story "The New Constitution" the main character is Ustad Mango who runs a Tonga. "The New Constitution" is basically translated from Urdu and its writer is the greatest short story writer of sub-continent. His name is Sadat Hassan Manto.

In the story Ustad Mango was deceived due to his thinking. He thought that the new constitution which had been announced by the government will change the life of the poor. And there would be the equal opportunities for the poor and needy. He also thought that now the rich people would not be able to take the advantage on the poor people. He thought that everything would be changed after the New Constitution.

This story is written basically keeping the background of Indian Constitution Act of 1935 before the freedom of sub-continent. That Act was only for the elite class. So this thing has been mentioned in the story "The New Constitution." Hence this thing deceived Ustad Mango and he thought that every thing will be changed from 1st April which was the date of implementing the New Constitution. That's why Ustad Mango was disillusioned on first April.

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