Why Constitution Is Important For A Country?


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① confirm maintenance and consolidation of state power; ② effective operation of regulation of State power, to prevent power abuse, which   constitutional democracy Xing of expression.

  (2) the role of constitutional law mainly in: ① the completeness and integrity of the promotion of the rule of law; ② promotion of the unity of the legal system.

  (3) the protection of constitutional rights of citizens expressed in the main roles: ① the Constitution established the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens of the content; ② the constitution as fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens to achieve the necessary security requirements.

  (4) the role of the Constitution of the political system, manifested in: ① establishing and maintaining the country's political system; ② reform the country's political system.

  (5) the role of the Constitution of the economy mainly as follows: ① recognize, protect and strengthen their economic base; ② sure other systems, for the economic construction; ③ under the guidance of the Constitution, and within the economic system.
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A constitution is important because it clearly defines the power and functions of the elected representatives who govern the country, and the right of the citizens.

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