Which Country Has The Longest Written Constitution?


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India has the world's longest written constitution. It came into being on 26th January 1950 and consists of 395 articles. These are divided into 22 parts and the constitution has 8 schedules attached to it.

The Indian constitution has a great emphasis on fundamental human rights. These human rights are contained within Part 3, articles 13-35. Article 21 gives rights which are the life and liberty of a person and article 19 is the right to freedom of expression.

All of the rights contained within the constitution are supreme and as such they are interpreted and upheld in law by the Supreme Court (similar to the American system of justice).
The basis for the constitution rests on secular democracy, that is a democracy which is not religious or unduly influenced by religion.

The constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is thought to be the second longest written constitution within the world.
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