Which Country's Constitution Does India Follow In Her Constitution?


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The Indian constitution is perhaps the longest constitution that has 395 articles and eight schedules. It has adopted good points from many countries. The Indian constitution was passed on 26 Nov 1949 by the 'The Constituent Assembly' and was applicable since the same day a year later, i.e., 1950.    Indian constitution essentially follows some western countries and is laid out according to the principles of liberal democracy. Its parliament with the lower and upper house i.e. Lok sabha and Rajya sabha is according to the British system. It also follows some of the fundamental rights that are in Constitution of the United States. Also the concept of a supreme court is also similar to the USA.    It is also similar to Canada in the sense that it is a federal system where the central.Government has the residual legislative powers. The powers of the central and the state are properly divided up which is similar to Australian Government.
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United kingdom
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Only 4 countries

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